How Countries Around The World View The U.S.

As a world leader of industry and influence, the United States has a variable reputation among other countries around the globe. The Onion breaks down how other nations view the U.S.:

Great Britain

Flabbergasted that Americans would allow such an important vote to be hijacked by nation’s most blowhard ultraconservatives



Doesn’t get to talk to the U.S. as often as it used to, but always really enjoys the chance to catch up


Cannot believe some of the places the U.S. is willing to recognize as a state


Grateful for the unprecedented employment opportunities only America’s insatiable appetite for tube socks could have provided them



With their beautiful tropical beaches and ideal climate, the people of the Seychelles spend as little time thinking about the U.S. as we do about them



Continues to be appalled by citizens who turn the shower on and then walk away for five minutes while it warms up


South Korea

Delighted to produce our inscrutable cartoons

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