If the thought of being pushed into a hot tub, getting bombed with water balloons, or becoming one half of a water gun shootout makes you shudder and protectively caress your smartphone, you’re probably not making the best use of your summer. And you definitely weren’t partying at Gawker HQ last Saturday.

Gawker’s rooftop was transformed into an aqua-fueled battlefield complete with inflatable bunkers and balloon launchers for the #sonysummersoaker, a party that proved not all is lost for a generation that eats, sleeps, and sweats with their smartphones. While the water-resistant Sony Xperia Z had no trouble documenting the wet and wild event, guests had to keep their electronic appendages in plastic bags so they could bust serious moves on synthetic turf and engage in all-around aquatic chaos without fear of phone damage. Meanwhile, the Phone of Honor sat pretty next to a dunk tank, into which partiers witnessed it being repeatedly submerged. Suffice to say, the phone didn’t so much as break a sweat (although, if phones could sweat, the Xperia Z could totally handle the moisture).

As if they weren’t soaked enough already, guests kept their lips wet with Brooklyn Brewery beers and fueled themselves with gourmet hotdogs from Bark. But there’s no need to rely on hearsay — evidence exists! Watch footage above, view photos by Noah Fowler below, and question everything about how you’ve spent your summer so far. No judgment, of course…

Don't you wish your phone was water-resistant like me?


Perfect aim.

Bombs away.


Bird's-eye view.

Make it rain.


Hot tubbing? Count the Xperia Z in.

Dog Days.


The arsenal.

Putting the 'bush' in ambush.


Tag team.

Meet me on the roof, it's going down.


Shot through the heart.

Drench warfare.


Still going strong.

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