Evil characters need sweet rides, too. These are ten of the most evil cars ever to hit the silver screen. And I could use at least six of them as daily drivers...


10.)Â Cruella De Vil's car from 101 Dalmatians

A crazy woman driver in a fire-breathing hot rod. Scary, not just for puppies.

Suggested By:Â Brian, The Life ofÂ


9.) Lumbergh's Porsche from Office Space

If you could just go ahead and make sure this car made the list, that would be terrific.


Suggested By:Â TheCraigy


8.) Zao's Jaguar XKR from Die Another Day

Hoon of the Day goes to Mr. Zao and his weapons-equipped Jaaaag.

Suggested By: Bullitt417 can comment again!


7.) Bill's DeTomaso Mangusta from Kill Bill 2

Bill was a real son of a bitch, but how can you hate a man who drives a DeTomaso Mangusta?


Suggested By: Muggster


6.) The baddies' Charger from Bullitt

Steve McQueen's Mustang Fastback needed a worthy opponent. A black 1968 Charger R/T is certainly fits.


Suggested By:Â Arch Duke Maxyenko, a Dyslexic


5.) The Pinguin's Rubber Ducky from Batman Returns

kis_ev puts it the best:

Burton>Schumacher. It takes a dark mind to turn a benevolent rubber ducky into a rocket launching Penguin-mobile.


Suggested By: EL_ULY

4.) Any baddy's ride from Road Warrior

I have to agree with GotWake:

Obvious answer is, any baddy car from the Road Warrior. Any time you can strap a couple of people to the front of your ride and drive at insane speeds, and it has nitrous (or whatever they used in the wastelands of the Outback).



Suggested By: GotWake

3.) The truck from Duel

You thought Dreadnought was bad? This truck is way more evil...


Suggested By: Demon-Xanth


2.) Christine

This Plymouth Fury is furious indeed.

Suggested By: Automatch- the Avanthusiast and My X-type is too a real Jaguar


1.) Stuntman Mike's Nova from Death Proof

Designed to kill. Civics.

Suggested By: Arch Duke Maxyenko, a Dyslexic


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