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What if the apocalypse happened and every internal combustion engine on earth disappeared overnight? Would you still love cars? Could you learn to welcome your new electric-motor overlords? It's the big scary EV question for car enthusiasts. That's today on AFTER/DRIVE.

So how does one go about relearning how to love cars? To go from getting high on the smell of a Weber-carburated Ferrari V12 that's running a little rich, to extracting equally sublime enjoyment from a car that sounds โ€” at best โ€” like a power drill buried under a pile of mattresses. Let's pretend it's all over, and electric cars won. What now?

To help us figure out what to do in this fictional suck-squeeze-bang-blow-poclypse is Tim Stevens, a technology writer and editor and EV advocate, but also a guy who races both karts and full-sized cars, often on ice, in his spare time.